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Hey I'm Tessa!

I'm an Argentinean-American actor and writer based in Los Angeles. I’m an East Coaster at heart and have spent most of my life in and around Manhattan.

I grew up in a family of self-hating artists…really. With filmmakers as parents (NYU, A love story- don’t steal my script idea) who begged me to consider anything but being in the arts…whoops.

Forever a rebel I caught the acting bug when I was cast as Little Fan in A Christmas Carol at age 9, at the Luna Stage Company and have been pounding the pavement and working ever since.

I graduated from Barnard College with a dual degree in Theatre (with a focus in Theatre History) and Anthropology. I moved to LA in 2016 and have completely given up my subway crawling for traffic jams, a 2007 Prius named Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a shit ton of palm trees.

I love to read, I write my own cabaret and comedy material and I'm incredibly passionate about using my art to empower young women and girls.

You can usually find me in a Los Feliz coffee shop or at a bar with a trashy novel or feminist treatise and a LARGE glass of wine.

I’ve just completed my MFA in acting at The University of Southern California under the tutelage of David Warshofsky, Natsuko Ohama, Andy Robison, David Bridel, Alexandra Billings and Kate Burton.

I am currently bicoastal, acting and auditioning and creating content in LA and flying home to NYC for meetings, mom cuddles and hangouts with my baby niece Ella.